lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

smart covering for an “smart” architecture: furnishing an empty room

You can buy a lamp, a TV, a air-conditioner, an interior decorating…YES, YOU CAN…BUT THE QUESTION IS: IS IT NECESSARY TO BUY THEM BY SEPARATED?…OF COURSE NOT!!! So we need something that is able to send out at the same time light, imagen, sound, temperature and landscape…BUT WHAT? AN SMART COVERING!!!

“CUTECIRCUIT” is a fashion company based in London founded in 2004 by Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella. CuteCircuit designs wearable technology and interactive fashion, like for example: KINETIC DRESS (designed in 2004 and which lights up and changes its patterns following the person’s movement because represents an interaction between wearer’s activities and mood). M DRESS (designed in 2008 and which accepts a standard SIM card allowing to make and receive calls anytime, everywhere without having to carry a cellular phone). GALAXY DRESS (is the world’s largest wearable LED display: 24,000 full colour LEDs:
We can also find in Moritz Waldemeyer (german light artist )´s works, projects that combine technical experience with creative talent: for example the world's first "VIDEO DRESS" for fashion designer Hussein Chalayan and a chandelier that receives text messages.

The concept of GALAXY DRESS has been used to design LED CLOTHES for performances like U2´s and Laura Pausini´s concert. With this technology we can show lights and colours, but is it possible to show a TV program or a video of youtube? YES, and its name is T-SHIRT OS of Ballantines&CuteCircuit : This smart T-shirt not only reproduces images and sounds but allows you to choose them by mobile device like iPod because you can connect both of. It´s the world´s first programmable T-shirt:

So now, imagine that instead it was a T-shirt, was a smart covering, that is, instead of covering us, can cover an space like your room and program it. In this way, not only you would light up your living spaces but it would also decorate it while are watching your television´s favorite on line programs or whatever you want:


But is it possible that this covering send temperature out without the installation of air-conditioner? YES, and its name is THERMAL COVERING´s SYSTEM. Which is the difference between a thermal blanket, portable microwave, electric kitchen and electrical bed´s covering? ANYTHING!! because all of them have the same electrical system.


If we wallpapered our living space with previous GALAXY DRESS or LED COVERING, it could be able to be programmable for sending lights, images, sounds, instead of using lamps, TV,  air-conditioner or interior decorating!!!

And if this smart covering is blent with the thermal system before, it also could change its interior temperature for adapting better to thermal conditions of any space accoding to its activity and number of people!!!

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